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Practical tools — by practitioners, for practitioners

Knowledge is the only resource that increases when you share it. We have a rich treasury of knowledge and experience in laser application technology from the past two decades, and we’re not keeping it to ourselves.

Instead, it forms the basis for targeted development of our own laser welding technology products.

The starting point for our products is our own practical experience, combined with the drive to keep on optimizing processes.

Many of our own developments are now taken for granted in the everyday work of laser welding professionals. The positive feedback spurs us on to develop practical tools for the future — by practitioners, for practitioners.

A good example of this approach is our VDM 330 planar turntable — a turntable for laser welding components that are too large for a “normal” axis. hanks to this simple tool, precise positioning is possible. Our RoBo-1 roller block is used when round components need to be supported because they’re too long.

Our LAfet®-SM and LAfet®-SM Duplex wire feed systems and the mobile version LAfet®-SM Mobil contribute to process safety while decreasing welding time and therefore increasing efficiency.

Our own QUALAS® brand stands for the highest-quality welding fillers. They were developed in collaboration with experienced metallurgists and users. The portfolio is completed with a magnetic holding sphere that makes it easier to fasten workpieces optimally into work position during laser welding, polishing and mounting.

Regal mit Qualas Laserschweißdrähten als gerichtete Stäbe in blauen Röhrchen.
Laser welding wire

QUALAS® stands for laser welding wires of the highest quality: standards-compliant, multiply certified, and marked upon request.

Laser welding wire
Ansicht automatischer Drahtvorschub LAfet duplex mit Laserdraht-Spule.
Automatic wire feed

With our internally developed, automatically controlled wire feed units, we guarantee constant, consistent wire feed on the laser.

Automatic wire feed
Ansicht des Laserdrahtvorschubsystems LAfet-SM-mobil mit einer Spule Laserschweißdraht.
Mobile wire feed

The LAfet®-SM wire feed system for your manual laser workstation is especially compact, easy to transport, and intuitive to operate.

Mobile wire feed
Ansicht Plandrehtisch VDM 330
Planar turntable/turntable

Using the planar turntable, you can work on large components comfortably thanks to precise positioning and low rotation speed.

Planar turntable/turntable
Ansicht Rollenbock für Rohre
Roller block

The RoBo-1 roller block allows safe positioning of long, rotationally symmetrical components during laser welding.

Roller block
Blaue Magnetspannkugel mit aufgespanntem Werkstück
Magnetic holding sphere

With the magnetic holding sphere, you fasten your workpieces into the optimal work position during laser welding, polishing and mounting.

Magnetic holding sphere
Produktdatenblatt Laserdrahtvorschubsystem LAfet SM mobil

LAfet® SM Mobil

All data and information can be found on this product data sheet – LAfet SM Mobil.

product sheet
Produktblatt zum automatischen Drahtvorschub LAfet SM Duplex

LAfet® SM Duplex

All data and information can be found on this product data sheet – LAfet SM Duplex.

product sheet
Produktdatenblatt Drahtvorschub LAfet SM

LAfet® SM

All data and information can be found on this product data sheet – LAfet SM.

product sheet
Produktdatenblatt zur Magnetspannkugel


All data and information can be found on this product data sheet.

product sheet
Produktdatenblatt vertikaler Drehteller


All data and information can be found on this product data sheet – VDM 330.

product sheet
Produktdatenblatt zum Rollenbock


All data and information can be found on this product data sheet – RoBo-1.

product sheet
Qualas Laserschweissdraht cover

Qualas® laser welding wire

All data and information can be found on this product data sheet.

QUALAS catalog

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Our welding experience in tool and die manufacturing began in 1990. The technology showed promise for that industry, and as a service provider, we have gained many customers all over Germany through its practical implementation.

With sound knowledge and modern machinery, we meet the needs of customers in industries such as: mechanical engineering, medical technology and sensor manufacturing.

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