Turntable (“potter’s wheel”)

Flat turntable for laser welding large components.

Vertikales Drehachsmodul von L & A.

Laser welding large components poses the challenge that the laser head must be moved along the component. This can cause imprecise positioning.
For these components, we have developed the VDM 330 flat turntable – moving the component at a slow rotation speed gives you more precise positioning.

The VDM 330 flat turntable has been developed for large components with a rotationally symmetrical course of the laser welding contour, which is usually too large for “normal” rotary axes.

Even if the component fits into a “normal” rotary axis, this rotary axis often turns too fast to achieve the working speed needed for large component diameters. The VDM 330 turntable has a very large gear ratio that allows a slow rotation speed for precise positioning of the laser welding seam.

The VDM 330 welding turntable is compact and requires little space during laser welding.

The VDM 330 turntable connects to ALPHA LASER devices ALW, ALT, ALFlak  and  ALFlakMax, with R-axis power control unit present. With a diameter of 320 mm, the minimum path speed is about 0.7 mm/s.


Technical data

Height: 79 mm
Turntable-Ø: 330 mm
Component weight: to 100 kg


VDM 330 product information (pdf)

What is the advantage of the VDM 330 flat turntable?

• The operating principle of a potter’s wheel, very slow, precise rotation
Fast processing of very large components possible
• No hand-controlled movement needed
• A uniform weld seam with fewer weld starts
Very light construction
• Broad range of applications

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