Laser welding services

We accept your assignments for laser welding and engraving.

Pulsed laser welding

With the pulsed laser welding process, the energy feed is sent at time-limited intervals. After each laser pulse, there is a short pause, during which the previously created melt can cool off. This fine welding process is especially suitable for thin-walled workpieces, for connecting components with very different geometries and for hard-to-weld materials.

CW laser welding (continuous wave)

With our new AL-TW 900F fiber laser, we can work in continuous wave (CW) mode. In contrast to pulsed laser welding processes, there is a continuous energy feed during the process. The possible welding penetration depth is 3 mm.
The images show a deep welding application on a stainless-steel flange assembly. Typical of these laser welds are the uniform root formation and weld seam surface.


Perfekte Schweißnaht nach CW Schweissen.

Nahaunahme einer Schweißnaht nach CW Schweissen.Schweißnaht nach CW Schweißen.


Note on laser protection:

The basis for working with laser equipment is UVV BGV B2 (VBG 93) – Laser radiation.

This applies to creation, transfer and use of laser radiation, and compliance during maintenance, adjustment and repair work. Most important in laser beam protection is protection of the eyes against laser radiation, because eye damage is irreparable. We will be happy to advise you on protection measures and laser protection equipment. Just ask us!


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